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AddressRussia, Kirov Oblast, Murygino, Fabrichnaya str, 1.
Kirovpaper / Production

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Paper products from the manufacturer

Kirovpaper, LLC produces and sells a wide range of pulp and paper products for various purposes.

All our pulp and paper products are produced in accordance with required standards, goes through multi-layered quality audit, including chemical analysis and verification of mechanical properties. These works are carried out by qualified specialists of the technical control department.

We perfectly understand the importance of preserving natural resources, therefore, waste paper is also used in production as raw materials. This decision was made more than 15 years ago, and at present our company is among the largest waste paper recyclers in the region, which largely allows to lower the number of region’s environmental issues.

To manufacture electrical and packaging types of paper, we use a natural polymer– bleached and unbleached cellulose. Its production is carried out from high-quality wood from the forests of Kirov Oblast.

Paper products wholesale

Kirovpaper, LLC  works with manufacturer’s customers from Russia, as well as near and far abroad. Selling paper products in bulk, we offer individual terms of cooperation, which allows our customers to profitably purchase the optimal batches of the desired type of paper. You can familiarize yourself with the quality characteristics and GOSTs of our products in the catalog on the website.

To buy paper products directly from the manufacturer's warehouse in Kirov Oblast submit an application to the sales department by phone number that is specified on the website, or send e-mail or fill the specialized form. We will consult you, calculate the cost of producing the required batch of corrugated board and paper, and offer the best option for transport logistics for delivery.


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