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AddressRussia, Kirov Oblast, Murygino, Fabrichnaya str, 1.

Condenser paper

The only manufacturer in Russia in accordance with GOST 1908-88 / TU 17.12.14-002-05569147-2022


Cable paper

The only manufacturer in Russia in accordance with GOST 23436-83. K and KM grades with a thickness of 80 to 170 microns


Recycling of secondary raw materials

In Russia, the system for collecting recyclable materials is being revived. We are for the development of a culture of waste management.


Multi-stage quality control

Quality is the main goal for us and the most important indicator of the company's activity.


Production of the Kirovpaper


Our features


Manufacturing experience, since 1785

«VOITH» equipment from Austria

Prompt shipment every day including weekend




About LLC «Kirovpaper»


Enterprise manufacturing paper and scrap paper production from cellulose and waste paper LLC «Kirovpaper», situated in Murygino, Kirov Oblast, well known in the pulp and paper industry as a company with a long tradition (founded in 1785), as a supplier of wide range of high quality pulp and paper products, our main product was the production of thin technical types of paper(10-40 г/м²) from 100% cellulose


Our achievements

The only triple-grid paper machine in Russia

Dryers more than 30 meters long

Continuous energy efficiency improvement and reduction of
environmental impact

We supply our production all across Russia as well as to neighboring countries

Kirovpaper Kirovpaper Kirovpaper