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AddressRussia, Kirov Oblast, Murygino, Fabrichnaya str, 1.

Quality control


Quality is the main goal for us and the most important indicator of the company's activity. We try to use only the best technologies and raw materials, we control all stages of the production process to ensure high quality products.

Quality control in our company is carried out by the technical control department. All employees have appropriate qualifications and professional training.
The laboratory uses modern equipment from Russian manufacturers. We use both destructive and non-destructive testing methods.
Destructive control methods include chemical analyzes and mechanical property control.
Non-destructive testing methods include visual inspection.

To achieve the goals in the field of quality, the company defines the following tasks:

  • Maintain in good working order and improve the quality management system;
  • Maintain a high qualification level of personnel, determine the personal responsibility of each employee for the quality of products;
  • To improve the means of control, technology and organization of work at all stages of production;
  • Strive for partnership of the enterprise with suppliers and consumers on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • Ensure the most efficient use of all resources: financial, personnel, technical for the development of the enterprise and improve its performance.

The company's management takes full responsibility for the implementation of the quality policy, for ensuring understanding and adherence to it in all divisions of the company.