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AddressRussia, Kirov Oblast, Murygino, Fabrichnaya str, 1.
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About LLC «Kirovpaper»


Murygino paper factory was founded in 1785 (Medyanka river manufactory). From a small artisan industry with manual method of obtaining writing paper of various grades, the factory turned into a large enterprise.

In the 2000s, it was modernized and confirmed the status of the largest enterprise in Russia for the production of special types of paper, and the production of some types of products from secondary raw materials was also established (alteration of machines for processing waste paper). The production of bases for toilet paper was mastered, and the improvement of the previously mastered types of paper continued.

A new period began in August 2017 - the revival of an enterprise with long traditions. Now the enterprise is focused on the development and modernization of production.

Muryginskaya paper factory СФК


The only triple-grid paper machine in Russia

Dryers more than 30 meters long

Constant rise of energy efficiency and environmental impact lowering

We supply our production all across Russia as well as to neighboring countries



During The Great Patriotic War the factory staff made an invaluable contribution to the victory over the enemy. In difficult conditions, on the instructions of the GKO, the manufacturing of condenser paper, necessary for electric motors, was mastered. And throughout the war, the defense industry of the USSR was supplied condenser paper from «Krasny kursant (Red cadet)».

Basic development of the enterprise happened at the beginning of the 70s. A technical re-equipment took place and production reached an absolutely new quality level: 8 paper machines for the production of thin electrical papers and 2 paper machines of the Austrian company "VOITH" for the production of cable and transformer papers were introduced. The factory has experienced a real "rebirth", becoming one of the largest enterprises in the country for the production of electrical insulating paper.

1976-1992 there was a production association "Kirovbumprom", which included: "Krasny kursant (Red cadet)" paper mill (the parent enterprise), Lalsk paper mill, Kordyazh paper mill, Kosinsk paper mill, Kaysky pulp mill.

In 1985 “Krasny kursant” (Red cadet) paper mill was awarded the SIGN OF HONOR (decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR) for the successes achieved in socialist competition, early fulfillment of the planned targets of the eleventh five-year plan and in connection with the 200th anniversary of its foundation.

In 1995-2000 production of tipping paper, cigarette paper, cigarette-vergé paper was mastered.

During the privatization period, the  “Krasny kursant” (Red cadet) factory was transformed into OAO (OJSC) Elikon. In 2000, the staff of OAO (OJSC) "Elikon" was awarded the Russian National Olympus Prize for the highest achievements in the social and economic sphere.


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613641, Russia, Kirov Oblast, Yuryansky District, Murygino, Fabrichnaya str, 1.

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