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Base for copying paper


TU 5437-096-00279545-2004

Brand: (ТU) КО-16, КО-18

Format: on request (max.width 750 mm)

Raw material: cellulose (bleached, unbleached)

Application: for the manufacture of carbon paper, and also as a base for thermal transfer paper

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Specifications base for copying paper

Indicators descriptions



Test technique

Weight of paper with an area of 1 m2, g



GOST 13199

Density, g / cm3, not less


GOST 27015

Breaking force in the machine direction, kgf, not less



GOST 13525.1

Air permeability, ml / min, no more


GOST 13525.14





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The base for copying paper is cellulosic material used in the production of reusable carbon and thermal carbon paper, as well as paper used in typewriters and calculating machines. It has good mechanical strength, a high degree of elongation in the longitudinal direction, which allows it to be used for printing optically readable sign information.

Production of base for copying paper

Base for copying paper is produced industrially from unbleached and bleached sulfate cellulose. Only two types of material are produced: paper with a weight of 16 g / m2 and 18 g / m2.

LLC «Kirovpaper» cooperates with Russian and foreign manufacturers of copying paper on the production and supply of high quality base. At your request, in accordance with TU 5437-096-00279545-2004, we will produce paper grades KO-16 and KO-18 from unbleached and bleached cellulose. The maximum width of the base is 750 mm. For the characteristics of the types presented, see the table below. To order, submit an application directly on our website or call the sales department.


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